"Meet the Author"

Jamika… is no stranger to the term entrepreneurship! Her tenacious and enthusiastic spirit urged her to create this fun, alter ego.. “Coindella Banks”, in which was created after suffering a series of unfortunate pitfalls. She was later able to redeem herself through her knowledge of business.

Fun fact about the author…Jamika says her mother would have NEVER named her Coindella,lol! In fact, her last name is not even Banks! It was fitting for the name “coin-della” Jamika was on the geaux for her coins, and definitely stacking in the bank,lol. Her mother, family, and friends were taken back once they noticed the name change on social media. It was all in the name of the grind! , and now a BRAND! Nevertheless, Coindella (Jamika) begin her career in 2012 by launching two very successful businesses. At this time she launched both income tax preparation and hair extension companies. She envisioned both would meet the needs of her community by offering affordable services and products. There had always been a burning passion inside of her for empowering. Therefore, the tagline LOVE YOUR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, speaks for itself!

Coindella (Jamika), attributes her success to her deep rooted faith in God. Therefore the foundation of her business is Matt6:33. In the earlier years of business, she launched a hair care line in 2014. Years later she added a wellness line which included health supplements, and body shaping garments. In 2021 she pivoted her income tax business to software and education. To date this powerhouse has assisted over 20 women in developing their own tax preparation businesses. In 2022, Coindella (Jamika), became a motivational speaker where her first speaking engagement allowed her to share the stage with the legendary speaker, Les Brown. To add to her allocates now,author. Her future plans include developing more entrepreneurs in both income tax and beauty and wellness industries. When she’s not working . She enjoys spending time with her amazing children, grandson and supportive Husband. Stay tuned, because Jamika and her brands have just begin to scratch the surface.

Don’t allow the lack of time or money stop you from enjoying the LYFE you deserve! Start where you are!

Matthew 6:33

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

Matthew 6:33 NIV


The intention is to assist you in knowing there’s nothing in life that cannot be achieved. With faith, and a tenacious spirit you can have it all! Do not allow the lack of money and the perfect time stop you from being starting the best chapter of your life. The end result is to LOVE YOUR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, express yourself in such a way others want to mirror themselves after you!

Babes and Boots Atlanta,Georgia An event held to Empowering Women to collaborate and not
compete. In Atlanta many of us came together to share the stage with the legendary Les Brown to
help change the narrative and break barriers.

At this location I explained to several beauty students how to maximize their income by adding retail products. They were surprised to know they could start their own brands right out of school.

Jamika was featured in Unrivaled Magazine where she spoke about how she’s an overcomer and did not let life overtake her. And now she’s living her best L.Y.F.E

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